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User ID Management


User IDs and Passwords

Forgotten Password

On the log in page (i.e. when logging in), users can request a password reset. In response, Scoutroom will send email to the user with a link (as verification of the user's identity). The user should then click on the link in the email to enter a special page in Scoutroom that allows them to reset their password.

Don't bother to ask Scoutroom support about your password. Your password is encrypted in our database in such a way that even we can't read it.

Forgotten Login/User ID

One or more members of the scout unit have 'User Admin' access. The User Admin has a button (called 'User Admin') in the top right corner on all Scoutroom pages. Pressing that button shows names and authorizations of all members. With one more click the User Admin can show your login information (but not the password).By the way, email addresses work as login names for Scoutroom.

User Identification

Scoutroom identifies a user as a member of a scout unit by the email address the user provided when registering. A user can see information for a scout unit if their user email address is listed in the record of a member of the scout unit (their own, or as parent/guardian of a scout).

Users can update their own personal information in their member record. Actually they can update any member record that contains their email address - so parents can typically update a scout's info.

The user admin can update user information. This includes changing the email address the user supplied when registering.

More than one login id

Users can create more than one login id using the same email address. This may be appropriate for users that are members of more than one Scoutroom unit (e.g. they want one login for the Troop, and one for Crew).

When a user first logs in, and their email address is found in multiple member records, Scoutroom will ask who the user is. Scoutroom might offer the following choices: John Doe Troop 123, John Doe Crew 123, Parent of Johnny Doe Troop 123, Parent of Tom Doe Crew 123.

Last updated Tue, Jan 29, 2013