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URLs are intentionally configured for ease of use. You could use them directly if you prefer. A few simple rules:

  1. Most navigation can be done with one word using the format
  2. Creates - Works for news (e.g., member, product, event, help, wiki.
  3. Lists - Works for members and events.
  4. Recent updates - Works for events, news, wiki and help
  5. The scout unit home page has the unit name then city (e.g.


Unit Home Page or leave off the city if you're first with the number (e.g. or because we're the first to use 513).


  • = help pages
  • = creates new help page
  • = recently updated help pages


  • = filterable list of events (calendar entries)
  • = filterable list of events (calendar entries)
  • = monthly calendar table
  • = recently updated events
  • = creates new event


  • = product list
  • = my purchases from the scout unit
  • = scout unit sales (authorization needed)
  • = create new product

More examples (prefixed by ""): create_news, create_member, create_wiki, create_help, recent_news, recent_events, recent_wiki .... There are lots more, but you get the idea.

Some pages are ajaxed - meaning that only part of the page is replaced. For many of these, a permalink is available in the ajaxed portion allowing you to capture a link to the page with that ajaxed content.

To copy the link, right mouse click on the permalink, and select copy link address. You can then paste that link into favorites, another wiki page, email etc.

Last updated Mon, Mar 25, 2013