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$99/yr or $3/Scout - whichever is less. Multi-year discounts are available.

About the author

I started working on TroopRoom in May of 2009 immediately after a 25 year career with IBM. In IBM I worked as programmer, architect, project manager, and lastly, ran an initiative to improve the use of Software Development best practices (Agile, Lean etc.). Throughout my career, I always had a side programming project that I did for fun, that also benefited IBM. Programming will always be fun for me, and so is something I expect I'll always do. I will continue supporting and improving TroopRoom so long as there are clients.

I was an Assistant Scoutmaster for 5 years, and then the SM for 5 years for a Troop of 120 scouts. I believe in Scouting, and have great respect for my fellow Scoutmasters and the many Scouting volunteers.

How long does it take to get set up?

Creating the troop record takes maybe 5 minutes.

Importing all records from TM or Scoutnet may take up to 2 hours. If you send the data to me, I'll do the import. Please allow 2-3 days for me to complete the work to allow for communications, and scheduling.

Moving from paper records to using TroopRoom will take some typing (but perhaps you're a smaller unit if you're still using paper). I recommend starting with younger scouts, perhaps letting the oldest scouts age out on paper records. Likely, you/I can do an import from Scoutnet data, so let me know if I can help.

How secure is the data?

The data is stored in a MySQL database. The database and log files are backed up nightly. Backed up data/log files are sent to another server for storage as a redundant backup. The source code is also maintained in two places to allow disaster recovery. Personal information is all encrypted to protect your privacy. Passwords are encrypted prior to storing, and cannot be read by anyone (not even by TroopRoom Administrators).

How stable/error free is the code?

After years of use by many Scout units, no data or inputs have been lost. Thousands of members, many thousands of merit badges, rank advancements, calendar entries etc. have been recorded. The code is very stable. The code runs on Linux and MySQL which are amazingly stable, never a crash, or lost data.

New features are continually added, and code is occasionally rewritten to improve usability. The latest features may show a few bugs, but I have the server send me email whenever there's a problem so I can fix problems right away. Typically, only one person ever sees any given problem. Issues (feature requests and defects) are tracked publicly in an issues database.